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Update and Short-Term Predictions On Visa Bulletin Movement

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Visa Bulletin Movement

A formal statement from a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) official in relation to a pending lawsuit has revealed some updated data and short-term predictions regarding the monthly visa bulletin movement. The announcement was signed on 6th September 2022, by Mr. Andrew Parker, who is responsible for overseeing issues related to employment-based (EB) adjustment of status cases with the USCIS, and for coordinating related policies with the U.S. Department of State (DOS).

Few EB Immigrant Visas Remaining for Current Fiscal Year

Mr. Parker noticed that all EB1 and EB2 immigrant visa numbers have been utilized for the current fiscal year. Which goes through 30th September 2022. This implies that no more adjustment of status applications (form I-485) or immigrant visa cases filed in the EB1 or EB2 categories will be approved before 1st October 2022. Which is the beginning of the fiscal year 2023 (FY23). Also, all visa numbers for EB3 for the ongoing fiscal year are expected to be exhausted within a matter of days. And the EB4 category will likewise run out of visa numbers before the end of the month.

Predictions for October Visa Bulletin Movement

With FY23 beginning in a few weeks, Mr. Parker also gave predictions on what to expect in the October 2022 Visa Bulletin. The EB1 category is expected to stay current for all nations of chargeability. While EB2 and EB3 should remain current for all nations other than India and China.

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The cutoff dates in the EB2 category for China and the EB3 class for both China and India are supposed to progress. However, the EB2 India cutoff date will probably be retrogressed.


Also, we will continue to closely monitor and report on development and predictions connected with the monthly visa bulletin.

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