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The costs of immigrating to the United States

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Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

US Immigration Cost: Turning into a naturalized resident or a permanent resident of the United States is not only a long and tedious process yet also an expensive one. The entire process could cost you anywhere between $4000 to $12,000.

When you submit an application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you need to pay different fees. The filing fee relies upon the kind of your residency application. An application for a nonimmigrant status is usually less expensive than an immigrant petition.

A petition for a nonimmigrant worker in 2021, for example, costs $460 while an immigrant petition for an alien worker costs $700.

Here is the fee you should pay. (

US Immigration Cost | Petition Fees

Like the forms, the sum you should pay as petition fees will differ according to the nature of your application. While the fee is nil for asylum seekers, for any remaining petitions, there are fixed filing fees

Legal Fees

Recruiting a lawyer isn’t required, yet having one can help make the process much simpler, particularly with the continually changing immigration rules.

The standard lawful fee for an immigration lawyer ranges from $3,000 to $4,000 for an H-1B visa. Fees may effectively go up to $10,000 if you have issues like deportation etc. Family-Based Petitions can usually cost you anywhere between $800 and $1,500.

Medical Costs

The United States requires all candidates to go through a medical test and get certain vaccinations prior to entering the country.

You will need to be vaccinated for diseases like mumps, measles, and polio.

Naturalization Process

The current naturalization fee for a US citizenship application is $725 – which includes $640 for application processing and $85 for biometrics services- both of which are non-refundable, regardless of whether the application is approved or rejected.

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It might assist you with taking preparation classes for your citizenship test. Expenses differ based on the provider.

If you have a negative immigration history or a criminal record, you will have to submit additional forms and documents or pay for additional legal help.

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