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USCIS Addresses Immigrant Visa Availability as the end of FY 2022 Approaches

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H-1B visas renewed

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently published updated statistics in connection with Immigrant Visa Availability for the fiscal year (FY) 2022. As per the report, as of 31st July 2022, USCIS and the U.S. Department of State (DOS) had used a sum of 210,593 employment-based immigrant visas, leaving a balance of more than 70,000 visas allocated before the end of the fiscal year on 30th September 2022. Given the short timeline and the critical number of unused visas, many individuals are asking if all of the remaining visas will be used.

This declaration comes after USCIS and DOS freely committed to maximizing the utilization. Of all available employment-based immigrant visas by the end of FY 2022. In fact, USCIS noticed that it “approved more than 10,000 employment-based adjustments of status applications. In the week ending 14th August 2022, and DOS continues its high rate of visa issuance, as well.”

Immigrant Visa Availability for FY22

Earlier this year, USCIS published an alert in which the agency encouraged eligible candidates. To consider requesting to transfer the underlying basis of their adjustment-of-status applications to the first or second employment-based preference categories. At the time, USCIS noticed that there was “an exceptionally high number of employment-based immigrant visas available in these categories” for FY 2022.

To help those efforts, USCIS established a formalized system for candidates. To transfer the underlying basis of their adjustment-of-status applications, including establishing a centralized location for processing.

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More recently, USCIS encouraged immigrant visa candidates to finish their medical examinations. Before the end of the fiscal year to speed up processing once USCIS issues a request for evidence.

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