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Want the visa system of a country to be simple, swift: MEA on 1,000-day US visa wait

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US Visa Wait

The Ministry of External Affairs said on Thursday that it has not raised the issue with the country, but that it expects the government’s visa system to be predictable and less time taking. This comes amid reports that Indians looking for a tourist or business visa for the United States might have to wait for three years.

The wait time for first-time candidates for US business (B-1) and tourist (B-2) visas is almost three years.

First-time visitor visa candidates and others who do not qualify for an India drop box application (interview waiver) face a waiting period of three years.

US Visa Wait

The US State Department claims that B1/B2 applicants in Mumbai currently have to wait 999 days for an interview; In Hyderabad, 994 days; 961 days in Delhi 904 in Kolkata, and 948 in Chennai.

“The global median wait time for a tourist visa (B1/B2) interview appointment is under two months as of this month”. The US State Department stated on Tuesday.

MEA Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi responded. “We want that when people want to go somewhere, the visa system should be simple”. When asked if the issue had been discussed with the United States. This is what we anticipate.”

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“We would not want someone commenting on our system,” he stated, explaining that it had not been officially discussed.

“However, we would like the system to be easy to use, predictable, and quick. We have seen that the US embassy has stated that they are taking steps to ensure that there is not much delay. Bagchi stated, “We hope the waiting time is reduced.”

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