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President Biden’s proposed immigration bill could add 3,75,000 more green cards annually

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H-1B visas renewed

If US President Joe Biden’s proposed immigration bill is passed, then it would lead to a 35% yearly increase in green card numbers as indicated in an analysis by Boundless, an immigration firm. Boundless estimates that the number of immigrants getting lawful permanent residency or a green card. Would rise by almost 375,500 every year to nearly 1.5 million in total if the U.S. Citizenship Act were enacted.

Indians would be the greatest beneficiaries of this increase as the largest increase is expected in the employment-based categories and the diversity visa program. If the bill goes through, an extra 80,000 advanced degree workers would be granted permanent residency. Along with more than 78,000 “first preference” workers (individuals with “extraordinary ability,” university professors and researchers, and executives or managers at multinational organizations).

Indian residents face the longest wait times for employment-based green cards on account of country caps. With some studies pegging the wait time at between 80-150 years.

Biden’s proposed immigration bill could add 3,75,000 more green cards

The green card backlog for employment-based immigrants in 2020 crossed 1.2 million candidates, the highest ever. Indians comprise about 68% of this, or around 800,000. As indicated by information from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

“Just because the bill raises a visa cap doesn’t necessarily mean that all of those green cards will be utilized in a given year,”. Said Doug Rand, Boundless co-founder, and immigration policy expert. If welcoming a few hundred thousand more permanent residents to the United States every year seems as though a great deal, it’s not, added Rand.

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He pointed out that nations like Canada and Australia offer permanent residency more than twice. However, many immigrants as compared to the United States on a population-adjusted basis.

Proposed steps like spouses and minor children of permanent employees no longer counting towards the cap. Along with PhDs from US universities in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field. Not counting towards caps would all help increase the number of green cards available yearly.

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