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Bill introduced in the US House to streamline immigration and eliminate visa backlogs

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visa backlogs

visa backlogs: A bipartisan bill was presented in the US House of Representatives on Friday to properly use the employment-based visas allocated annually under existing federal immigration law.

According to its authors, the Eliminating Backlogs Act of 2023, which was introduced by Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi from the Democratic Party and Larry Bucshon from the Republican Party, would give employers greater flexibility to use existing allotted work visas. Which they urgently require.

Moreover, the bill will help get rid of the visa backlog and make sure that the visas are allocated. Under the current federal immigration law can be used in the right way.

Krishnamoorthi stated, “Even as our country’s high-skilled immigration system assists us in attracting top talent from around the world, current law caps the number of employment-based visas available based on workers’ country of origin, leaving thousands of visas that would otherwise assist our economy unused.”

He stated that the legislation aims to end country-based discrimination in high-skilled immigration. Also, to ensure that all visas are utilized to attract skilled workers from all over the world. To help strengthen the American economy and create jobs while they also continue to invest in the domestic workforce.

Bill introduced in the US to eliminate visa backlogs

“To ensure that our workforce can meet the demands of our economy in Indiana and across the country”. Bucshon stated, “under the current federal immigration law, there are a certain number of visas allocated annually. For skilled workers, such as doctors and engineers.”

Also, the number of foreign nationals with specific skills and training who can work in the US is limited annually.

In any given year, only 7% of the employment-based slots are available to any one nation.

Unfortunately, bureaucratic policies and delays have prevented hundreds of thousands of these visas from being used. Despite a serious need for more skilled workers across the country, he said.

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Bucshon stated, “This will assist in supporting an immigration system that encourages and rewards legal applicants and boosts our economy.”

According to a media release, US immigration officials did not use approximately 9,100 employment-based visas in FY2020 and over 66,000 in FY2021, respectively.

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