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Delay in business visa issuance discussed with the US, says minister Piyush Goyal

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India discussed with the US the inordinate delays in the issuance of business visa to individuals from India, and there has been an amazing resonance of it by the Americans, visiting Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said Wednesday.

After the India-US Trade Policy Forum meeting that he co-chaired with the US Trade Representative Katherine Tai, Goyal told reporters. “We found excellent resonance to our request for the issuance of business visas. Which is taking a long time back home in India is an area that needs to be expedited. So business persons are interested in both sides — the US businesses and Indian businesses. Need to have faster processing of business reasons so that trade, investment, and business does not suffer.”

Delay in business visa issuance discussed with the US

According to Goyal, India had requested that the United States expedite the issuance of regular business visas. Also, to individuals travel for brief periods to pursue their trade and business interests.

“We are pleased that professional and skilled workers, students, investors, and business travelers are moving more frequently between the two countries. Moreover, that has contributed to strengthening our bilateral relations,” he said.

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“Further, we are grateful that the United States was able to expedite the processing of student visas. So that our students could come to the United States to continue their education in the fall of 2022,” the statement reads. Goyal stated, “We are now requesting them to investigate ways. Also, in which we can resolve the movement of business people on short-term stays to the US.”

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