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H-1b holder Resigned at Google and job offer rescinded by Amazon

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H-1B Holder

H-1B Holder: Call it unexpected, however, a Google software engineer, who resigned to take a new job at Amazon, was let by the organization know that his job offer has been declined, only 3 days in front of his most memorable day at the web-based business monster.

Tianyi Gao stated that he was an SWE (software engineer) at the company when he shared his ordeal on LinkedIn.

“As a backup plan, I accepted an offer from Amazon because I received a support-check-in project from my manager. Sadly, just three weeks before my first day of work, after my resignation was accepted. I was informed that the Amazon offer had been withdrawn, Gao wrote.

“Neither did I revoke my resignation nor did I delay the process.” My last day at Google is today. He lamented, “I have only 60 days to find another job because I am on an H1-B visa.”

H-1b holder Resigned from Google

Gao is one of the hundreds of H1-B visa holders who have lost their jobs at Meta, Twitter, Amazon, Salesforce, and several other tech companies. They are now trying to enter a country to obtain a work visa and remain in the United States.

At least 853 tech companies worldwide have laid off approximately 137,492 employees to date. And the number is only going up amid fears of a recession as more and more companies across the spectrum lay off employees.

[221(g) Visa Stamp is Considered a Visa Refusal]

Based on information from layoffs. FYI, a crowdsourced database of tech layoffs shows that since the beginning of COVID-19. 1,388 tech companies have laid off 233,483 employees. However, the worst year for the tech industry was 2022.

More than 73,000 people in the US tech industry have been laid off since the middle of November. As a result of massive job cuts led by Meta, Twitter, Salesforce, Netflix, Cisco, Roku, and others.

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