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Immigration Law Under Biden – What Changes Can We Expect?

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Immigration law – As we close to the U.S. Presidential inauguration on 20th January 2021, the U.S. population and the world are nervous. In COVID-19 limbo, individuals are filled with polarized feelings and varying expectations. Such as excitement, vulnerability, hopefulness, optimism, confusion, confidence, betrayal, relief, and much more.

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Immigration law

We ventured to accumulate Joe Biden’s prior pledges and rounded up previous Democrat actions centered on immigration policies. To help illustrate what changes could happen under the Biden government as they identify with the subject of immigration law.

Joe Biden has been cited as saying: The individuals who have gone ahead this visa have constructed this nation. There is no argument that H-1B visas are inseparably connected with the ability of soon-to-be or right now educated individuals. To become work-centered immigrants and eventually American citizens.

With roughly 75% to 80% of full-time graduate students in key technology fields at United States colleges being international students and Trump’s 49% reduction of legal immigration since taking up office, one can easily conclude the harm caused to our international students, their families, their economies, and of course the harm produced to the United States.’ economic growth and stability.

The H1B visa: The lifeblood of America

Since the H-1B remains the main practical way for some individuals to work long-term in the United States, including international students, we can expect a relaxing of guidelines around the H1B and naturalization process under the new administration.

[Biden can overturn Trump’s H1B visa restrictions with executive orders]

Such actions in turn reverse the current outflow of fleeing international students and highly educated workers. In this manner, restoring an environment of welcoming these people and expanding diversity, boosting multinational prosperity, and further encouraging the sharing of thoughts while building the future world economy.

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