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Joe Biden is planning to increase the H-1B visa limit, remove country quota for green cards

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H-1B techies

US President-elect Joe Biden plans to increase the number of high-skilled visas, including the H-1B visa limit. And eliminate the limit on employment-based visas by a nation, both of which are required to benefit a huge number of Indian professionals affected by some immigration policies of the outgoing.

With Kamala Harris as his deputy, Biden is desired to reverse the movement of the outgoing Trump government. To cancel work permits to the spouses of H-1B visas. Which had adversely affected countless Indian families in the United States.

All these are essential for thorough immigration reform that the Biden government intends to work on, either in one go or in discrete pieces.

However, high skilled temporary visas should not be utilized to disincentivize hiring workers already in the US for in-demand occupations. An immigration system that crowds out high-skilled workers. In favor of only entry-level wages and skills threatens American innovation and competitiveness. According to a policy document issued by the Biden campaign.

Initially “Biden will work with Congress to change temporary visas to set up a compensation based allocation process and build up enforcement mechanisms to guarantee they are lined up with the labor market and not used to undermine wages. Then, Biden will support extending the number of high-skilled visas and eliminating the limits on employment-based visas by nation, which create unacceptably long backlogs,” it said.

H-1B Visa Limit

H-1B visas, which extend the available pool of high skilled workers in the US. It is a non-immigrant visa that permits American organizations to hire foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise. Also, technology organizations rely upon it to recruit a huge number of workers every year from nations like India and China.

Employment-based visas, otherwise called green cards, permit migrants to increase lawful permanent residence in the US. In order to engage in skilled work.

Noting that currently, the quantity of employment-based visas is capped at 140,000 every year, without the ability to be responsive to the state of the labor market or demands from domestic employers, the policy document said that as president, Biden will work with Congress to expand the number of visas granted for permanent, employment-based immigration — and promote mechanisms to temporarily reduce the number of visas during times of high US unemployment.

Trump Administration

In June, Trump had suspended the H-1B visa limit along with different types of foreign work visas. Until the end of 2020 to secure American workers. In October, the Trump government had announced new limitations on the H-1B nonimmigrant visa program. Which is pointed toward securing American laborers, restoring integrity. And better guarantee that H-1B petitions are approved only for qualified beneficiaries and petitioners.

According to the policy document, Biden will also exempt from any cap recent graduates of Ph.D. programs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields in the US. Who are ready to make the absolute most significant contributions to the world economy.

“Biden accepts that foreign graduates of a US doctoral program should be given a green card. With their degree and that losing these highly trained laborers to foreign economies. Also, it is a disservice to our own economic competitiveness,” it said.

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Additionally, the Biden government plans to create a new visa category to permit cities and countries. To petition for higher levels of immigrants to support their growth.

“The disparity in economic growth between US cities, and between rural communities and urban areas. However, it is one of the incredible imbalances of the present economy. A few cities and numerous rural networks struggle with shrinking populations, erosion of economic opportunity, and local businesses that face unique challenges.

The holders of these visas would be needed to work and reside in the city or country that appealed for them. And would be subject to similar certification protections as other employment-based immigrants, it argued.


According to the policy document, Biden accepts that keeping families together and allowing eligible immigrants to join their American relatives in the US. Soil is critically important, yet the current system is poorly planned with per-nation caps. That keeps applications from being approved in a timely fashion.

That implies approved candidates may wait decades to be reunited with their families, it said.

“As president, Biden will support family-based immigration by saving family unification as a foundation of our immigration system; by permitting any approved candidate to get a temporary non-immigrant visa until the permanent visa is processed; and by supporting legislation that treats the spouse and children of green cardholders. As the immediate family members, they are, excluding them from caps. And also allowing parents to carry their minor kids with them at the time they immigrate,” the policy paper said.

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