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Visa Bulletin For June 2022

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June 2022 Visa Bulletin

Today, the U.S. Department of State (DOS) released the June 2022 Visa Bulletin. All cutoff dates listed refer to the dates in the final action chart (i.e., Chart A) unless otherwise specified.

In the coming days, USCIS is supposed to announce on its own Visa Bulletin site page the cutoff dates for acceptance of adjustment of status applications next month. That declaration will explain whether USCIS will accept adjustment of status applications based on the Final Action dates chart, or the Dates for Filing chart. The Dates for Filing diagram in the June Visa Bulletin 2022 remains the same as last month, except for the EB-5 China Unreserved Non-Regional Center (C5 and T5) categories, which will change from the current to a Date for Filing of 15th December 2015, matching the Date for Filing for EB-5 China Unreserved Regional Center (I5 and R5) categories.

June 2022 Visa Bulletin Summary

According to the State Department’s Visa Bulletin of June 2022, the Final Action cutoff dates for the issuance of an immigrant visa will be as follows: 

Employment-Based, First Preference (EB1) Category

The EB1 category remains current for all countries of chargeability.

Employment-Based, Second Preference (EB2) Category

The cutoff date for EB2 India advances by an entire year, to 1st September 2014. EB2 China’s cutoff date remains unchanged on 1st March 2019. EB2 is current for any remaining nations of chargeability.

Employment-Based, Third Preference (EB3) Category

Once more, there is no movement in the EB3 category. The cutoff date for EB3 India still has a cutoff date of 15th January 2012, while EB3 China remains unchanged on 22nd March 2018. The EB3 category remains current for any remaining nations of chargeability.

EB3 Other Workers

The cutoff date for EB3 other workers in India is the same as its EB3 cutoff date. For China, the end date for EB3 other workers stays stuck on 1st June 2012. For all other nations of chargeability, EB3 different workers retrogress to an 8th May 2019, cutoff date.

Employment-Based, Fourth Preference (EB4) Category

There is no development in the EB4 category, with the cutoff date for El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras set on 1st May 2017. For EB4 Mexico, the cutoff date remains on 1st April 2020. This category is current for any remaining nations of chargeability.

Employment-Based, Fifth Preference (EB5) Category

EB5 remains current for all other nations of chargeability, except China. China’s cutoff date for EB5 unreserved (i.e., EB5 immigrant visa numbers not set aside for rural, high unemployment, and infrastructure projects) is 22nd November 2015. EB5 set aside for China is current.

[F-1 Student Visa: Only fresh applications, not for those who have applied earlier]


We will continue to closely monitor and report on movement and predictions related to the monthly June 2022 visa bulletin.

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