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Most Indians keen to travel abroad in next six months: Survey

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Travel abroad: As COVID-19-related international border restrictions slowly ease over recent months, Indian travelers are planning their next trip abroad with almost 3/4 of respondents hoping to do as such soon, as per a review by online accommodation platform Airbnb.

A greater part of Indians surveyed, 75%, reported having plans to travel globally in the foreseeable future. More than 33% of those (34%) plan to do as such in the next six months, Airbnb said in a statement.

The study commissioned by Airbnb took responses from 1,019 Indians by YouGov between April 13 and 21, 2022.

In terms of objections, the study discovered that almost 50% of Indians were thinking about traveling to Asia Pacific destinations. Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia top the chart as the most searched destinations.

Over two years since the start of the pandemic, Airbnb said Indian travelers are now dreaming about their next worldwide trip. And “more than 70% of Indians are excited about being able to travel internationally”.

Indians keen to travel abroad in next 6 months

Interestingly, almost 3/4 of Indians who are currently working expressed that they might want to combine work and travel while abroad, it added.

Also, almost 6 out of 10 Indians surveyed said they were more open to traveling internationally. During off-peak times of the year than they were before the pandemic.

“As border restrictions gradually ease across numerous nations in the area. We’re seeing a great deal of enthusiasm for cross-border travel,” Airbnb India, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, General Manager Amanpreet Bajaj said.

After being unable to travel abroad for so long, many individuals are eager to go take that long-awaited overseas trip. Something we’ve seen reflected in the searches on Airbnb, following a number of border reopening announcements, he added.

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As indicated by the Airbnb survey, 51% of Indian travelers believed that worldwide travel remained. An important means of expanding their horizons and connecting with other cultures.

“Almost 33% of Indians (32%) surveyed also noticed that worldwide travel plays. A significant role when it comes to connecting with their friends and family”.

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