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Trump US immigration rule defense requested by Republicans

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The Biden government recently dropped the public authority’s defense of the US immigration rule, with the Supreme Court then dismissing two appeals on March 9th, 2021 that had been started before Trump leaving office, which sought to preserve the rule after lower courts opposed it.

The Republican group has argued that the Biden government’s decision to drop the government’s defense of the rule is an ‘attempt to avoid the standard and lengthy process of unraveling a federal regulation’.

Intervene in policy defense

The group has recently asked the Chicago-based 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals. To allow them to intercede and defend the policy, yet their request was denied.

Biden, who has promised to reverse many of Donald Trump’s controversial US immigration policies, was expected to scrap the public charge rule. In the interim, an alliance of immigrant advocacy groups. Along the states of Connecticut, New York, and Vermont, challenged the policy, describing it as ‘an illegal wealth test.’

Judges who ruled against the controversial rule were of the view that it violated federal US immigration and administrative laws. By impermissibly growing the meaning of who should be classified as a ‘public charge,’. Which could enormously increase the number of individuals who might be rejected for US residency.

Moreover, the request filed by the Republican group was the primary ‘emergency application’. Made to the Supreme Court opposing a Biden government policy move. Such an application is made via the court’s secretive ‘shadow docket’, according to a Reuters report.

US Immigration Rule

Also, one of the key issues concerning the numerous legal challenges brought against the public charge rule was. Which immigrants would meet all requirements for legal permanent residency in the US, more commonly known as a green card.

Before Trump extending the policy, US immigration laws excluded immigrants from permanent residency who were deemed likely to become a public charge.

Immigration rules have been in place for more than 20 years. Moreover, it stated that ‘immigrants likely to become primarily dependent on direct cash assistance or long-term institutionalization. In a nursing home for instance, at public cost would be banned.’

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However, Trump extended the policy to include individuals who depended on a much wider range of benefits for a year or more over three years. Also, individuals who depend on the Medicaid wellbeing program, food stamps, housing assistance and more, were targeted by Trump’s controversial public charge rule.

The policy has been widely condemned by immigrant rights groups, charities, and medical experts. Which warned that it left individuals with an ‘impossible choice.’

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