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USCIS Now Providing 24-Month Extension of Green Cards Based on Pending Form I-90

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Extension of Green Card

Extension of Green Cards: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has declared that, as of 26th September 2022, an individual’s Permanent resident card (i.e., “green card“) will be extended two years beyond the expiration date based on a properly filed application to replace the Permanent resident card (form I-90). Before this change, a form I-90 served the extend the validity of the green card for only a year (12 months).

Form I-90 is utilized when a lawful permanent resident seeks to renew an expiring green card. It is also utilized when a lawful permanent resident needs to replace a lost, harmed or inaccurate green card. More details on this type of application can be found in the MurthyDotCom NewsBrief. Form I-90 Application for Replacement Green Card Currently Can be filed On the web (06th April 2015).

USCIS Providing 24-Month Extension of Green Cards

If a permanent resident properly files another I-90 form, the USCIS will give the individual a receipt notice indicating the two-year expansion period. If a candidate has a pending I-90 and has already gotten a receipt notice showing a 12-month expansion. The USCIS will give a revised notification with a two-year expansion from the date the green card expired. In either case, the expired green card and the receipt notice can be utilized. As proof of continued status as a lawful permanent resident.

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While this is a positive change in how the USCIS processes I-90 applications. It should be noticed that the change was just essential because of the prolonged processing times for these cases. The expectation is that the USCIS continues to take steps to streamline its processes to bring processing times under control.

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