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Biden Plans New Effort to Retain International Science and Tech Students

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The Biden plans to unveil new steps on Friday to retain international students who specialize in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), as a feature of its effort to counter China, authorities said.

The measures will allow specialists in STEM fields to utilize cultural-exchange visas to stay for up to 3 years of training.

A program allowing those on student visas to stay for an extended period of training will also be extended to regions, for example, data science, cloud computing, and data representation.

“Different nations, most notably China, are utilizing STEM talent to try to supersede the United States as the world’s foremost scientific and technological innovator,” one of the officials told reporters.

It now far surpasses the United States, long home to many of the world’s top research colleges. In the number of undergraduates and doctoral students in the fields critical to economic growth, the official said.

Biden Plans New Effort to Retain International Students

Although the United States has around 1,000,000 international college students. More than some other countries, their number has fallen in recent years, the Institute of International Education says.

A Georgetown University study projected that China will produce 77,000 graduates in STEM fields by 2025, versus 40,000 in the United States. Where foreign students will make up an enormous share.

President Joe Biden has said he regards competition with China as the nation’s security challenge.

The new steps, which do not need congressional action, come as Biden’s legislative system. For tracking both legal and illegal immigration has stalled. A major immigration proposal he made in his first days in office has gone nowhere in Congress.

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Immigration policy immigration-goals-fade-after-setbacks-us-Mexico-border-2022-01-20 in Biden’s first year in office. It has rather been overwhelmed by massive resettlement of Afghan refugees, record-breaking border arrests, unfavorable court decisions. Republican opposition in Congress and internal divisions between liberals and moderates in the administration.’

The new initiatives will help make it easier for immigrants. To contend that they qualify for special visas held for athletes, researchers, and others of extraordinary ability.

In a fact sheet, the White House called the policy change consistent. With its “needs to reestablish faith in the legal immigration system.”

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