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Google Layoffs: Existing employee discusses the effect on morale after 12,000 job cuts

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Google Layoffs: Ten days after the search engine giant laid off 12,000 employees, a Google employee provided insight into the company’s current morale. The conversation took place on Blind, a platform for professional communities that verifies users using official email IDs. The employee stated that overall morale is “fine,” but that it has decreased in the cloud division. Due to low morale, the employee was also advised against joining the cloud division.

The conversation occurred after a recent round of layoffs at Google, which had a significant impact on some employees and their families. An Amazon employee working on a visa asked the question. He expressed concern regarding the possibility of being affected by the e-commerce giant’s future layoffs. The Google employee responded by suggesting that the current situation might not be the best time to join the company, particularly in the cloud division.

The comments made by both employees highlight the ongoing uncertainty and worry that Amazon and Google employees face. Additionally, Amazon decided to lay off approximately 18,000 employees.

Google Layoffs in Tech Sector

It is essential to keep in mind that this conversation only reflects the viewpoint of one individual. And that the general mood and outlook at Google may vary from person to person. However, we get a glimpse into the experiences of some employees. At two of the largest tech companies in the world during this time of change.

The majority of tech companies based in the United States have seen a significant reduction in the workforce. Companies such as Meta, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Twitter have all reduced their workforce. Due to decreasing profit margins across the board. In an internal meeting, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that he took the action after talking to the board because the situation could get worse in the future.

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Concerns have been expressed by numerous employees working on temporary work visas about their status in the United States. After their employment is terminated, H1B visa holders receive a 60-day grace period. Their H1B visa would need to be sponsored by another employer.

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