Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

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Techie Gets Fired While On Vacation, Unable To Return To US As H1B Visa Gets Revoked

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H1B techie laid off

A shocking incident occurred when a techie was fired while on vacation by his company. Getting fired is one thing, but the techie here was working on an H1B visa in the US, like most workers in the technology sector. The H1B techie laid off, who was on vacation outside the US, could not return to the country due to how the H1B visa works.

The techie who was on vacation outside of the United States was unable to return because of the restrictions imposed by the H1B visa. Being laid off is one thing.

To sell his car and the things he had left at his rented apartment, he had to contact his friend. His friend tweeted about the situation, which went viral and attracted a lot of support. Some even suggested selling his belongings and applying for a tourist visa to enter the United States.

H1B Techie laid off While On Vacation

When laid off, H1B visa holders have a 60-day grace period to actively seek employment. This grace period only applies if you’re inside the US border; if you’re outside, immigration won’t let you back in because the H1B visa is sponsored by the employer.

In the past few months, layoffs have rocked the tech industry. As a result of the global economic downturn, tech companies will continue to lay off employees in 2023. Based on layoffs. In 2023, 68502 employees have been laid off by 229 tech companies. Workers at all levels are being affected by layoffs, which leaves them with few options and little time to find a new jobs.

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A former Google employee shared a similar incident in which he learned of his layoff while feeding his newborn daughter. For the past six months, Nicholas Dufau, a lawyer from Los Angeles, has served as Google’s associate product counsel. After the birth of his daughter on January 17, he took a leave of absence as a parent. He received notification on January 20 at 2 a.m. that he had lost access to his Google corporate account while feeding his infant. He received an automated email with the news of the layoff.

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