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How EB-5 concurrent filing will let investors live, work, and study in the US

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H1B Amendments

EB-5 concurrent filing: EB-5 Visa Program has forever been one of the dependable ways of getting permanent residence in the United States. It allows investors and their family members to live, work and study anyplace in the U.S. For those with adequate capital EB-5 program can be the most helpful method for acquiring permanent resident status in the United States.

Unlike other immigrant visa options, the EB-5 visa doesn’t need a U.S. employer’s involvement. As a sponsor, nor does it involve any particular information, skills, or experience. Moreover, the EB-5 program isn’t limited to residents of specific treaty countries.

President Biden marked the long-awaited EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 (RIA) into regulation as part of an omnibus spending package on 15th March 2022, which reauthorized the EB-5 regional center program. The ability to file Forms I-526 E and I-485 simultaneously (“EB-5 Concurrent Filing”) is one of RIA’s most critical transformations intro. EB-5 Concurrent Filing allows investors on non-immigrant visas in the United States to apply for adjustment of status while filing their I-526E petitions.

Form I-485 allows foreign nationals temporarily living in the United States to change their lawful status. In EB-5 Concurrent Filing, investors benefit from lawful permanent resident status benefits. Before this reform bill, EB-5 investors needed to wait for their I-526 E-petitions. To be approved to adjust their status or they needed to leave the country.

EB-5 concurrent filing

Concurrent EB-5 Filing gives investors more choices. Investors in the EB-5 program who change their status from H-1B or E-2. It can freely apply for work authorization that isn’t bound to a sponsoring employer or investment organization.

What’s more, following the adjustment of status, EB-5 investors in the United States on F-1 visas would be eligible. To stop specific restrictive requirements imposed on foreign nationals studying in the United States.

Petitioners are eligible to apply for travel allows and work authorization under U.S. employment-based visa programs that allow concurrent filing.

[September 2022 Visa Bulletin | Employment-Based Categories hold steady]

Petitioners might live, work, and go to class anyplace in the United States once their work authorization and travel permits are approved. They can avail themselves of all the benefits of a green card without possessing one.

The eligibility for EB-5 concurrent filing is something that most investors are keen on. Form I-485 is utilized to change the immigration status of eligible foreign nationals. Who are as of now living in the United States temporarily on legal status. Form I-526 E might be filed only by foreign nationals in the United States on non-resident. And should apply for the adjustment of the status simultaneously. This provision typically applies to foreign nationals in the United States such as H-1B, L-1, and O-1.

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