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The American Dream: Over 14,600 US student visas were issued this year, & a record intake expected

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The US Consulate maintains it will see a record admission of Indian students this year. As per information accessed by TOI, 14,694 Indian student visas ( F1 visas) were given between January and 14th May 2022 this year across the five consulates in India.

While the biggest number of visas were given from New Delhi (8,021), this figure was followed by Mumbai (2,589) and Hyderabad (1,947).

In 2019, in the same time frame between January and May, 5,663 student visas were given.

The highest issuance then was from Mumbai (1,514) followed by New Delhi (1,465) and Chennai (1,290). The figures demonstrate an increment of new student visas by almost multiple times.

“In spite of Covid-19 disruptions, the US Embassy and Consulates in India handled over 1.2 lakh student visa applications in 2021. There has not been a decrease in slots. In fact, we are expecting another record-breaking student visa season, so we have opened a large number of extra visa appointments and extended interview waiver programs for students,” said a US Consulate representative.

Over 14,600 Indian student visas were issued

The Consulate takes note that numbers will rise particularly for Hyderabad.

“In spite of those difficult circumstances (during the pandemic). The US Consulate General in Hyderabad did not close for even one day. Over time, we will get back to pre-pandemic staffing and, plan to increment staffing after we will move to the new consulate building one year from now,” a representative said.

In 2021, the Minister-counsellor for consular affairs at the US consulate in Delhi. Donald L Heflin informed students that the best chance for them to get their visas approved. It was to get through the first interview as the chances of second and third interviews were bleak. The minister, however, assured that students shall get more opportunities in the current year, reports said.

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This year, US authorities plan to give more student visas than last year’s record which stood at 62,000.

The F1 visa, also called the Academic Student Visa, is mostly utilized by students. Who wish to attend an accredited college, university, high school, or any other academic institution.

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