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United States eases citizenship process for disabled immigrants

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The US has removed different Trump-era barriers to the country’s citizenship test waivers. Moreover, easing the process essentially for disabled immigrants.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has shortened and simplified its disability waiver, which is utilized to exclude immigrants with physical, mental, or learning disabilities from the English and civics test requirements.

Naturalization candidates with a physical or developmental disability or mental debilitation that blocks them from satisfying the English and civics testing requirements for naturalization can now file Form N-648 to request an exception to those requirements. Also, the form must be finished and ensured by a medical professional.

“This is a brilliant illustration of how USCIS is listening to the public it serves in order to better address their needs while fulfilling our responsibilities as an agency,” said USCIS Director Ur M. Jaddou. “The progressions made to Form N-648 are yet another way. USCIS is removing barriers to naturalization, as per President Biden’s Executive Order.”

US eases citizenship process for disabled immigrants

Among the moves toward becoming residents, immigrants are tested on how well they read, compose and understand English and how much they grasp US history and government. Starting around 1994, the public authority allowed immigrants with disabilities to get waivers for such requirements.

In 2020, the Trump government added various necessities for disability waivers, almost multiplying the length of the disability waiver.

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Inquiries concerning the seriousness of the candidate’s disability, and what it means for their everyday existence. And how frequently they are treated by medical professionals have been removed.

Also, candidates who did not properly complete their waiver can now just resubmit their form with updated data. As opposed to finishing up completely new paperwork.

The form revision allows medical professionals the choice to show a candidate’s requirement for a promise waiver. Moreover, eliminates the requirement for independent clinical documentation.

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