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Delays lead to H-1B visa holders putting off India visits

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H-1B visa holders: With air travel picking up the pace to match the pre-Covid level traffic and a surge in travel demand, individuals’ wait to visit a foreign country, particularly the US, is simply getting longer because of the significant delay for visa appointments. This has forced numerous to cancel their trips to the nation and forced Indians with H-1B visas, working in America, to defer returning home.

This is because the US returnees are also facing delays in getting a timely appointment. To get their passports stamped at US departments in India for their return to America. Subsequently, numerous Indians are postponing their visits home.

Petition-based visa workers without valid visas, including H-1B specialty occupation workers. It should avoid not leaving the US except if they have a visa appointment and sufficient time to process the visa. A US government office representative told TOI on Thursday adding that they can’t expedite visa appointments.

H-1B visa holders putting off India visits

The visa appointment can only be fast traced in case the trip is to visit an immediate family member. With a severe medical emergency or attending the funeral of an immediate family member.

“If an H1B visa holder is coming to, say, Mumbai. The passport stamping appointment can come for any city like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, or Delhi. Then, a day or two apart from a lot of money is spent going there for the purpose,” as indicated by an IT professional.

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On this, the US government office representative said that the US does not candidates to pick a particular area for their visa appointment. Visa candidates are free to pick the city where their application will be adjudicated.

In the meantime, the average wait is to get a US visa in India. Is around one-and-a-half years, as per the US State Department site. This implies that individuals who are first-time candidates can get an appointment for March-April 2024. However, the people who are not first-time candidates face a wait of a few months.

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