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DOS Update on U.S. Visa Services at Embassies and U.S. Consular Posts

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US Visa Processing

On 10th August 2022, the U.S. Branch of State (DOS) shared a briefing where Ms. Julie M. Stufft, Deputy Assistant Secretary for US Visa Services in the Bureau of Consular Affairs, examined the status of immigrant and nonimmigrant visa processing at U.S. embassies and offices all over the world. An overview of these updates given here for the benefit of people.

Rate of Nonimmigrant & Immigrant Visa Processing | US Visa Services

This year, U.S. consular posts overseas have adjudicated roughly 70% more nonimmigrant visas than a year ago. This adds up to around 800,000 nonimmigrant visa applications at posts overseas. As indicated by Ms. Stufft, this figure is around 80% of pre-pandemic levels and is developing consistently.

With reference to immigrant visa processing, Ms. Stufft expressed that pre-pandemic backlogs have decreased by 25% and adjudications for immigrant visas are at around 95% overseas.

Increased Staff Hiring at Consular Posts

Ms. Stufft explained that the DOS effectively participated in increasing the number of consular officials adjudicating visas at consular posts across the globe. The DOS has doubled consular official recruits in 2022 compared to last year and has a developing group of experienced adjudicators who are supporting high-demand posts by remotely adjudicating visa cases. One benefit of having a higher number of consular officials adjudicating cases remotely. Because it allows U.S. consular officials more time to interview visa candidates who are expected to come in for in-person interviews.

Applying as a Third Country National

On the possibility of applying as a third-country public (TCN), Ms. Stufft pointed out that the State Department is seeing visa workload globally. Appropriately, most U.S. government offices and consulates are allowing TCN visa candidates if appointments are available.

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U.S. consular posts continue to work towards achieving pre-pandemic levels of visa processing. Given the lengthy appointment wait times at numerous U.S. consular posts. More needs to be done to help address the long wait times for visa appointments. It helps the U.S. to acquire global talent and it helps families who deal with the pressure of long separation brought about by delayed visa appointments and potentially further delays with visa issuance.

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