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Types of Immigration statuses in the United States

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This world has turned into a huge melting pot full of dynamic families that span several borders, and it is something that can be admired and appreciated. However, monitoring immigration rules can be tricky. Here are the four types of immigration statuses in the United States.

Immigration statuses

The United States gets a large number of visitors. Many come for work, to study, or only for better opportunities. America, all things considered, is also called the Land of Opportunity. In any case, for a person to visit or try and move to the US, they should get a valid visa or a Green card. To get this, there are various ways of acquiring a temporary residence and eventually becoming permanent residents.

The main kind of status is as a resident and there are three ways in which you can turn into a resident. The first was to be conceived by a United States resident. The second is to have no less than one parent who has US citizenship. The last way is to go through a naturalization process. If you’re born in another country but one of your parents is a citizen, then you automatically have citizenship in the US. The process of naturalization is attained by a person when they are a permanent, upstanding resident of the US for at least 5 years.

Permanent Resident

A permanent resident isn’t equivalent to citizenship because even though people who are permanent residents have the right to work and live in the United States indefinitely. They are not eligible to vote and are subject to deportation. A permanent residency card, also known as a green card, is given by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. It confirms their status.


Individuals who are non-immigrants are the people who can reside in the US for a temporary amount of time. This includes the people who go to the US for studying, visiting, or even to have temporary protection. Often it even includes individuals hoping to get a K-1 visa from their partner. Those with non-immigrant status are subject to their status. Being switched to undocumented if they violate any US rules or their visa.

[USCIS Answers FAQs on Pending I-485 Adjustment Applications]


Undocumented status is the main immigration type that is illegal. The people who fall under this category don’t have permission to live in the United States. They don’t have access to health care within the US, they are not allowed to work legally, and don’t receive a driver’s license. An individual can become undocumented if they outstay their visa or enter the US illegally.

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